Stairway near Sacre Coeur in Montmartre at night time

Stairway to Heaven?

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Shadowgate

Stairway to heaven came to mind when I was trying to think of a caption for this very atmospheric night time photo of a stairway leading up a steep hillside in Montmartre, a historic district located on the highest hill in Paris, France. Just go towards the light! Of course at the top of this hill is one of the most significant and recognized landmarks in Paris – the Basilica of Sacre Coeur, a highly religious symbol itself. But, the reason I chose this photo wasn’t so I could come up with a catchy caption. I came across this photo while doing some research for another project and the intense mood it evokes caught my attention right away. The architecture and buildings in Paris lend themselves well to the overall romantic feel of the city and in this beautiful photo the composition and lighting play right along. The brilliant street lamps bath the entire scene in a beautiful soft light that accentuates the stairs and the architectural features of the adjacent building with soft shadows where no single detail is lost – quite remarkable considering the bright lights beyond. The way the light splashes off parts the iron railing is also a very pleasing effect. All in all, everything in this photo is beautifully bathed in interesting lighting.

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View of Confederation Bridge from Prince Edward Island

View of Confederation Bridge from Prince Edward Island

Photo by somadjinn

Keeping to eastern Canada, I came across this striking HDR image of the Confederation Bridge taken from Prince Edward Island. This is certainly one of the more impressive photos I have seen of this amazing bridge which crosses the ocean between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. At 13 kilometres long, it is one of the longer water crossings in the world. The photographer used 3 separate exposures to compile this HDR image resulting in vibrant colours that beautifully compliment one another and superb detail throughout the scene. The clouds also cooperated; aligning themselves in such a way as to compliment the overall composition and enhance sense of distance.

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Arc de Triomphe spiral staircase

Golden Stairway

cc licensed flickr photo shared by rahims

I love how the lighting casts a rich golden glow throughout this spiral staircase leading to the viewing area on top of the Arc de Triomphe. The varying intensity of light and a great perspective create a strong sense of height and depth for anyone viewing this superb picture. A spiral staircase is a spiral staircase, but this photographer has captured it at an ideal angle (slightly off centre) resulting in a very pleasing symmetry. This picture stirred my imagination, which isn’t always easy. I quickly thought of many different captions, but only get to use one. Oh well!. Hope you don’t get too dizzy looking down those stairs.

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Schwerin Castle from the south

Schwerin Castle

cc licensed flickr photo shared by saturn ♄

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great Easter. I know I’ve been a little absent over the Easter weekend. Today’s beautiful photo features a German castle located in the city of Schwerin which is capital of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in northern Germany. First reports of a castle at this location go all the way back to 973 AD. Throughout the regions tumultuous history, the buildings have come and gone over the years. The current version was mostly constructed between the years of 1841 and 1853 and is still undergoing restorative work to this day. The structure has served many roles since that time including that of a museum and a college. Today it serves as the seat of the state government. Besides the obvious striking design and architectural detail, the beautiful formal gardens in the foreground really enhance this historical castle. This picture takes advantage of the late afternoon lighting which adds a gentle warm hue and sends interesting, but not too harsh, shadows across the fabulous gardens. This striking castle looks like it really belongs here as it rises above the trees and watches over the beautiful gardens.

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Chrysler Building contrasted against the clouds

Art-Deco on a Canvas of Cloud

cc licensed flickr photo shared by joiseyshowaa

To me, the Chrysler Building is one of the more interesting skyscrapers in New York City. There was intense competition to build the highest building in New York when it was under construction. Interestingly, the spire at the top was built in secret and installed in a little over one hour, giving the Chrysler building the title of tallest building in New York. This title was short lived however, as the Empire State Building was completed in the following year. Anyway, getting back to this great photo, there are many photos of the Chrysler building however this one is a winner. Somehow the clouds have created the perfect canvas against which the photographer has captured the brilliant nickel plated top of this Art Deco building. As simple as it is, it creates an interesting mood and shows the building off in a unique and interesting way.

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