Walking in a Winter Wonderland near Chilliwack BC

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I am blessed to live in a beautiful valley location surrounded by mountains and with rivers and lakes nearby. While I make no claims to be a professional photographer, this snapshot taken not far from my home in British Columbia’s upper Fraser Valley, is one of my favourite wintertime photos. I captured this photo while we were walking our dog along one of the many dikes in our area. The scenery here is beautiful throughout the year, but on this occasion it was a cold winters day with a beautiful blanket of virgin snow covering the fields and blue sky breaking through the remnants of the storm clouds that dropped all that snow. With Christmas fast approaching, I thought this would be a timely post. Hope you enjoy it!

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New couple walking on the beach at sunrise after their wedding

The Morning After

This spectacular photo of a newly-wed couple walking on the beach at sunrise after their wedding has the appearance of a fairytale painting at first glance, but it is indeed a photograph. I’ve said many times how key the lighting is in turning an ordinary photo into a great photo and this, to be sure, is another good example of that. Quite often the early and late part of the day provide the best lighting for adding that special mood to any picture. The extraordinarily pastel palette of colours that make up this image combine with the early morning lighting to create a truly winning photograph.

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Beautiful path leading to the ocean along the southwest coast of Sweden

The Unbeaten Path

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi

This beautiful photo is another one of those pictures that just makes me want to be there. What could be more inviting than an idyllic pathway meandering to the ocean shore bordered by interesting varieties of flora. Adding to interest this beautiful picture are the people walking along the pathway and, in particular, the woman stooping over to inspect something of interest along the path piquing our own curiosity. The pink hue of the hazy sky above picks up the colour of the wildflowers creating an aesthetically pleasing palette of colour. This beautiful photo was taken near the small town of Väröbacka which is located on the southwest coast of Sweden.

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Man sitting on step reading newspaper

A interesting slant on the news

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Ed Yourdon

When it comes to great pictures of people, I usually prefer those candid shots that just happen. This photo is clearly one of those. It is natural, simple and, in this case interesting. The angles and lines in this photo create interest, however, without the man sitting on the step reading a newspaper the photo would not be very noteworthy. I find this to be one of those pictures where it is somewhat difficult to say exactly what it is I like about it, even though I really do like it.

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Horse Back Riders reflected in the sand of a California Beach

Reflections in the Sand

cc licensed flickr photo shared by mikebaird

Here is another example of how simplicity can turn a simple snapshot into a great photo. This beautiful picture of two young girls riding their horses along a wet sandy California beach, like many other beautiful photos, has no distractions. The fog helps subdue the background and the reflection of the horses and their riders in the sand adds artistic expression to this otherwise simple photo. The simplicity of the photo results in the subjects and the interesting reflections becoming a work of art. If the same subjects where against a busy and cluttered background this picture would just be another snapshot.

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