Hmong baby with dazzling eyes wrapped in  traditional vibrant colours

Windows to the World

cc licensed flickr photo shared by linh.ngân

This beautiful little Hmong baby has such reflective eyes, that truly are windows to the world. Being bundled up in the brilliant colours that are so popular with the H’mong people helps to protect this baby from the cold mountain weather which also accounts for the runny nose. Careful cropping has created a colourful and vibrant photo that truly stands out from the crowd.

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Young Child enjoying the family dog

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Cia de Foto

This picture of a young boy playing next to the family dog is very artistic. The deep shadow in the background and the overall lighting really enhances the multiple textures at work here. At the same time the slight blur around the upper portion of the boy suggests some movement adding a hint of life to this beautiful photo.

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Solitude - A Self Portrait

Solitude - A Self Portrait

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Zach Dischner

You would never guess that this photographer was able to create this stunning self-portrait with a 10 second delay timer. He looks like he has been sitting there for hours! This beautiful picture is both scenic and contemplative. The photo has an almost mysterious look to it, probably helped by the softness of the image and the light bloom from the setting sun. Even with the sun in the picture you can still see stars in the upper right corner which is not an easy accomplishment. Beautiful scenery pictures don’t always fare so well with the addition of people, but by adding himself to this scenic photo, the photographer has succeeded in enhancing the overall mood.

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Taking Time out to Relax - People

Taking some time out to relax

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Jack Batchelor

This well composed picture is an exceptionally well done self-portrait. A gentle palette of colors and soft lighting combine with an excellent sense of composition and a very natural pose to create a very pleasing photograph. Superb control over the depth of field subtly focuses the viewer on the main subject.

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