Walking in a Winter Wonderland near Chilliwack BC

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I am blessed to live in a beautiful valley location surrounded by mountains and with rivers and lakes nearby. While I make no claims to be a professional photographer, this snapshot taken not far from my home in British Columbia’s upper Fraser Valley, is one of my favourite wintertime photos. I captured this photo while we were walking our dog along one of the many dikes in our area. The scenery here is beautiful throughout the year, but on this occasion it was a cold winters day with a beautiful blanket of virgin snow covering the fields and blue sky breaking through the remnants of the storm clouds that dropped all that snow. With Christmas fast approaching, I thought this would be a timely post. Hope you enjoy it!

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Great photo of a white cat jumping from a window caught in mid air

Almost There

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Jorbasa

Sometimes timing is everything when it comes to photography. This great photo of a white cat leaping off of a window sill is clearly one of those times. Actually I find the whole composition appealing as well. The colours and the textures in the background add even more interest to an already attention grabbing photo. This picture is also a great study in the movement of a cat as it jumps to the ground, highlighting things we just cannot see in real time like the arched back and the front legs stretched out straight for the landing. Anyway, it certainly makes for an interesting pet photo.

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Thoughtful Cat


cc licensed flickr photo shared by visualpanic

This beautiful cat picture reminds me totally of one of our own cats. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this beautiful photo of a cat was ‘thoughtful’. The cat does indeed have a thoughtful expression on it’s face. What makes this pet photo great? I think there are several things. It is simple, yet elegant. There is nothing in the shot including the good choice of background colour to distract the viewer from the subject. The angle and the closeness or cropping again help us connect with the subject of this outstanding picture.

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Golden Retriever waiting patiently by the door

Waiting Patiently

cc licensed flickr photo shared by It’sGreg

More often than not, one of the key aspects of beautiful pictures is superb lighting. When working in black and white this along with exposure becomes even more critical to creating a great photo. I love black and white photos when they are well done, so you can expect to see a fair number of them here. It is such a great medium for bringing out texture and mood in a photograph. This beautiful picture of a Golden Retriever patiently waiting by the door is a perfect example of using natural light to it’s full advantage. Even though some parts are underexposed, in this case it actually enhances the subject and the mood.

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Contemplating Cat by the water

Contemplating Cat by the Water

cc licensed flickr photo shared by zenera

I included this great picture under both Pets and Scenery. I don’t doubt the cat is someones pet, but this beautiful picture certainly is scenic as well. The combination of colours from the trees, leaves and reflections in the water all work so well together, however the black cat standing by the edge of the water and contemplating whatever cats contemplate adds an immeasurable amount of interest to this photo. The cat somehow balances the composition perfectly and the direction the cat is looking somehow draws my eyes right into the picture. A real work of art.

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