Still Life

Part still life part landscape a beautiful picture from the shores of the Maldives

Beautiful Blues

cc licensed flickr photo shared by © Ahmed Amir

Part still life – part landscape, in spite of all the blues this beautiful picture from the shores of the Maldives definitely doesn’t give me the blues. Judging from the red paint spilled on the log at the front of this old boat, it was propped up on logs and painted right here. In any event, this is a simple weathered subject captured from a low angle in a spectacular locale that creates a neat ‘feel good’ picture that simply makes me think I would love to be there. I love how the colours work with one another.

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Artistic reflections of colored lights in the water at night


cc licensed flickr photo shared by kevin dooley

Sometimes a very simple subject can become an abstract form of art. One often sees this in pictures of architectural details. Photos of night lit scenes reflected in water can result in a beautiful picture and there are many. The interesting approach to this photo is that the entire picture is about the reflections and the treatment of the subject has turned it into a very pleasing work of art. The luminosity in this photo is splendent. Pictures are much like snowflakes. No two are exactly the same. This shot could have been taken many times over and each one would be unique as the ripples oscillate and scatter the light differently. A small change in position or camera angle would again create a new and unique scene.

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Still Life - Two Cherries

Cherry Delight

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Atilla1000

This striking macro photo of two cherries really shines both actually and metaphorically. Like many beautiful still life photos the subject is very simple. Keys to creating a successful still life image include composition, lighting, exposure and focus. This photographer has carefully chosen two very fine specimens for the subject and has done a superb job with all of the key elements. What I find particularly striking in this photo is the incredible reflective shine on the upper portion of the two cherries. They rise from their own shadow like a miniature sculptures coated with many layers of fine lacquer.

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A Dash of Colour

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Adam Jones, Ph.D.

Sometimes I have a hard time saying exactly what is is I like about a picture. I think this is one of those cases. For me it just works. Clearly the yellow paint on the spokes of this old farm cart provide a striking contrast to the otherwise monochromatic palette of colour in this intriguing still life. I thought it unusual that someone would take the time to paint the spokes of an old cart such a vivid colour. The splash of green vegetation in the foreground also suggests that the subjects of this photo are as monochromatic in real life as they appear here. Other than that I can’t say too much. I just enjoy the composition and subject matter of this beautiful still life photo.

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The Wonderful World of Light

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Denise Cross

It often seems that light itself is an artist and indeed without it we would not enjoy any visual pleasures. For that reason getting the right lighting often makes the difference between an outstanding photo and just an okay photo. The photographer of this beautiful picture was trying to get just the right balance of shutter speed, and aperture to capture this simple still life using nothing but existing light. I think they did a great job. The different textures from the several elements in the photo each reflect the candlelight in their own unique way. The exposure brings out all of these textures and the subtle lighting beautifully . The composition and shading create a very pleasant balance making this photo truly pleasant to the visual senses.

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