Wild Horse in Mount Sibillini National Park Italy

Dark Horse

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo copyright by Moyan_Brenn

This next photo in our amazing landscape series is kindly shared by Moyan Brenn. Please do not redistribute or share this without seeing and abiding by his copyright information at the above link.

This beautifully composed photograph of a wild horse grazing in the hills of the spectacular Monti Sibillini National Park in Italy was taken by one of my favourite landscape photographers, Moyan Brenn. As with so many of his photographs, this one definitely has that ‘wow’ factor. This beautiful park is very popular with tourists and, evidently, wild horses. During the summer months the mountainous park produces brilliant displays of wildflowers which result in the hillsides changing colour throughout the season as the different varieties of flowers come and go. Cyclamen, which is a common wildflower in the Sibillinis during the later part of summer, may be responsible for the purplish hue in the hillsides. Hope you enjoy this fantastic photo.

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Blue Heron in Disguise

This Blue Heron was hard to spot as it blended so well with the branches of this dead tree it was perched in. I captured this shot while walking along the dyke adjacent to the Vedder River in Chilliwack, BC Canada. There is a large population of herons in this area and there is even a blue heron reserve and information centre located nearby. This is the time of year when the nests in the giant cottonwood trees are full of young herons. Many of the adults can be seen standing like sentries around the edges of the nesting area. When I first spotted this one it was quite remarkable how well it blended into the branches the dead tree that it was perched on. This is less noticeable in the photo as I zoomed in to capture the shot. Hope you enjoy it!

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A Pigeon enjoys the view of New York City from the Empire State Building

Just Chillin

cc licensed flickr photo shared by ZeroOne

How do you add interest to a scenery picture as common as a picture from the top of the Empire State Building? This exceptional photo is a perfect answer to that question. There is nothing special in the way of lighting, but the exposure is great with no harsh shadows and superb detail in the texture of the building and the plumage of the pigeon. The wide depth of field keeps the image sharp from near to far which is necessary in this photo. The rest of it comes down to excellent composition and the nature of the subject. Without the pigeon this picture would be nothing special, which shows how simple it can be sometimes to transform what would have been an average photo into a superb photo.

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Cougar with a look of intensity

Don't Get Too Close!

cc licensed flickr photo shared by jurvetson

This beautiful capture of a Cougar also commonly known as a mountain lion is superb. Actually cougars are fairly common around my neck of the woods in southwestern BC. They are always in the back of our mind (along with bears) when we go for a hike. I’ve never met one during a hike and this picture gives me reason to be very thankful for that. I have encountered the odd bear though. Anyway this is another simple picture, where the subject truly is ‘King’. The photographer has captured the intensity of this wild creature beautifully with no distractions. Telephoto lenses are certainly great for that.

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Beautiful Black and White Photo of a wise old Lion


cc licensed flickr photo shared by marcodede

I’ve said before that I really enjoy black and white as an artistic medium for photography, so you can expect to see quite a few black and white pictures on this blog. This beautiful photo of an old lion jumped out due to the intensity of character in the the face of the lion. I find an almost uncanny human side to the expressions of aged wisdom and contemplation in the face of this wild lion. It immediately made me think of Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia.

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