Eagle Fishing moments before the catch

Timing is Everything

cc licensed flickr photo shared by sarniebill1

This is a picture where timing truly is everything – for both the eagle and the photographer. This Fish Eagle was captured on Lake Naivasha in Kenya milliseconds before making it’s catch. Captured from a moving boat, a fast shutter speed and wide aperture resulted in a crystal clear image of the subject while blurring the background. This keeps ones full attention on the breathtaking subject of this great photo.

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American Goldfinch in flight

American Goldfinch with no distractions

cc licensed flickr photo shared by thefixer

This beautiful photo of an American Goldfinch caught in mid flight was taken from a distance of about 40 feet. Taking advantage of the shallow depth-of-field common with a telephoto lense and a fast shutter speed the photographer has been able to keep capture the subject perfectly without any distracting background. This is a male Goldfinch denoted by the vivid yellow colours. The American Goldfinch is a migratory bird that ranges from Canada to Mexico.

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A James Flamingo Taking to the air

A South American James Flamingo takes to the air

cc licensed flickr photo shared by szeke

This beautiful moment in time captures a magnificent James Flamingo taking to the air. The James Flamingo is one of several South American varieties. This one was photographed in Bolivia. The picture really shows off the perfect aerodynamics of this beautiful bird as it breaks the bonds of gravity. Note how he streamlines himself and also the curvature of the wings. The feathers along the inner trailing portion of the wings are even angled down much the same as the flaps on an aircraft are lowered for the slower phases of flight. I often wonder if man would or could have ever discovered flight if it wasn’t for the example of birds.

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