A Striking Sedona Arizona Landscape

Reaching for Heaven

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Krikit ♥

The trees reach for the rocks, reach for the clouds, reach for the sky, reach for heaven. The layers of richly saturated colour in this beautiful landscape composition all work so well together. What intrigued me most with this beautiful landscape, is how the billowing cumulus clouds mimic the upward reaching of the rocks below. This adds a neat dimension to a this striking photo which, even without the clouds would be great by merit of the incredible rocky geological formations. This picture was simply captured from a Sedona Arizona hotel room with a very nice view.

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Artistic reflections of colored lights in the water at night


cc licensed flickr photo shared by kevin dooley

Sometimes a very simple subject can become an abstract form of art. One often sees this in pictures of architectural details. Photos of night lit scenes reflected in water can result in a beautiful picture and there are many. The interesting approach to this photo is that the entire picture is about the reflections and the treatment of the subject has turned it into a very pleasing work of art. The luminosity in this photo is splendent. Pictures are much like snowflakes. No two are exactly the same. This shot could have been taken many times over and each one would be unique as the ripples oscillate and scatter the light differently. A small change in position or camera angle would again create a new and unique scene.

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Still Life - Two Cherries

Cherry Delight

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Atilla1000

This striking macro photo of two cherries really shines both actually and metaphorically. Like many beautiful still life photos the subject is very simple. Keys to creating a successful still life image include composition, lighting, exposure and focus. This photographer has carefully chosen two very fine specimens for the subject and has done a superb job with all of the key elements. What I find particularly striking in this photo is the incredible reflective shine on the upper portion of the two cherries. They rise from their own shadow like a miniature sculptures coated with many layers of fine lacquer.

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Spectacular view of Mount Roraima and Mount Kukenan in Venezuela

Amazing Landscapes - Mount Roraima

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Adalbertop

Beautiful landscape photos frequently top my list favourite pictures so I’ve decided to start a series called ‘Amazing Landscapes’. This will not be chronological, as I will continue to add beautiful pictures from every category as I discover them. Sometimes I cannot get over the shear number of beautiful places there are on this planet. It is really impossible to say that one place is more beautiful than another as beauty is so abundant and unique. This photo taken along a very washed out road leading to Mount Roraima and Mount Kukenan in Canaima National Park is truly spectacular. These unusual mountains are so flat on top. The huge plateau on top of Mount Roraima covers an area of 31 square kilometres, is up to 9200 feet above sea level and occupies three countries – Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. In this photo the clouds shade the foreground in a way that highlights the spectacular scene that lies ahead. The dirt road conveys a strong sense of the vast distance and the deep blue sky and clouds lend a little drama to this amazing landscape.

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Sunset at Cultus Lake near Chillwack BC

Pastel Sunset

Some might say that sunset pictures are a dime a dozen and certainly there are many beautiful pictures of sunsets. Admittedly, this sunset photographed at Cultus Lake in southwestern BC is not the most dramatic sunset, however the soft pastel shades playing off the clouds and reflected back from the lightly rippled water does result in a beautiful scene. The streaks of cloud, mountain slopes, shoreline and tree branches that frame the scene with their silhouette draw the viewer right into the scene and add to the sense of distance while creating a pleasant composition. This beautiful sunset photo is right off the camera with no edits.

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