Wild Horse in Mount Sibillini National Park Italy

Dark Horse

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo copyright by Moyan_Brenn

This next photo in our amazing landscape series is kindly shared by Moyan Brenn. Please do not redistribute or share this without seeing and abiding by his copyright information at the above link.

This beautifully composed photograph of a wild horse grazing in the hills of the spectacular Monti Sibillini National Park in Italy was taken by one of my favourite landscape photographers, Moyan Brenn. As with so many of his photographs, this one definitely has that ‘wow’ factor. This beautiful park is very popular with tourists and, evidently, wild horses. During the summer months the mountainous park produces brilliant displays of wildflowers which result in the hillsides changing colour throughout the season as the different varieties of flowers come and go. Cyclamen, which is a common wildflower in the Sibillinis during the later part of summer, may be responsible for the purplish hue in the hillsides. Hope you enjoy this fantastic photo.

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Winter Wonderland at Lake Louise

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by laszlo-photo

I have only visited the always spectacular Lake Louise located in the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains near the town of Banff Alberta during the summer months. At the time, I was blessed with beautiful weather and got what I thought were some pretty neat pictures. Although I have never been to Lake Louise in the winter, this beautiful photo certainly evokes that ‘I wish I were there’ feeling. The soft lenticular clouds subdue the rugged lines of the ridge above Victoria Glacier and somehow add to the wintry feel. The photographer has done an excellent job of controlling the exposure latitude to capture the contours and shading of the snow in both the shadows and the highlights of this high contrast scene. Hopefully this beautiful picture will help make your transition into winter a little easier to take.

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Beautiful sunny autumn day

Luminous Leaves

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by evening4u

With winter just around the corner (or already here for many of you) I couldn’t resist one more autumn scene. Where we live autumn has arrived slowly and on the occasional sunny day there are still many signs of summer mixed in with the autumn colours. Many flowers are still in bloom including roses and our hanging baskets still have some life left in them. Some trees are still surprisingly green while others are displaying vibrant fall colours and yet others are starting to get bare. This beautiful photo brings out many of those aspects with its blend of brilliant luminous fall colours combined with the still very green grass and shrubbery and other trees that are clinging to their last remaining leaves. Combining the foregoing with the gentle blue sky and dirt road this picturesque composition greets the viewer with a symphonic harmony of colour. Hope you enjoy it!

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Saying Farewell to Summer

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by rkramer62

Well, it has been quite a while since I posted a picture – too wrapped up in other projects. Where I live, we have quickly transitioned from a beautiful long dry summer into the cool, grey days of autumn. Although the fall colours are beautiful, as they always are, I still needed something to brighten my day from the frequent rain we’ve been having. It has also been quite some time since I’ve posted a still-life photo, so when I came across this brilliant, vibrant still life, I immediately knew that it was just what I was seeking for my next post. One sees many staged still life pictures based around the harvest and autumn themes this time of the year, however this one is a little different. The mix of colourful flowers and green foliage highlighted by filtered sunlight combine with the brilliant orange pumpkins to create a vivid autumn scene that captures the essence of fall, yet doesn’t leave out the beauty of summer. The photo itself is quite simple, but the composition and lighting all work well together to create an image that ‘pops’.

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Autumn splendour on a Massachusetts Farm

Seeing Red

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Elliotphotos

Keeping with the theme of Autumn (for now), it was actually very difficult choosing a picture for this post. Not because it was difficult to find a beautiful picture, but because there are so many great shots to choose from. There is often just a very short window of time in which to catch a spectacular photo like this. During some years, a brisk wind will whip the leaves off the trees before they get the opportunity to reach the peak of their vibrant fall colours. That obviously wasn’t the case when this beautiful photo of a Princton Massachusetts farm was taken. The photographer caught them at their most vibrant moment. The bright red barn surrounded by the vivid green grass in the centre of the photo adds a nice focal point to this beautiful pastoral fall scene.

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