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Chrysler Building contrasted against the clouds
Art-Deco on a Canvas of Cloud

cc licensed flickr photo shared by joiseyshowaa

To me, the Chrysler Building is one of the more interesting skyscrapers in New York City. There was intense competition to build the highest building in New York when it was under construction. Interestingly, the spire at the top was built in secret and installed in a little over one hour, giving the Chrysler building the title of tallest building in New York. This title was short lived however, as the Empire State Building was completed in the following year. Anyway, getting back to this great photo, there are many photos of the Chrysler building however this one is a winner. Somehow the clouds have created the perfect canvas against which the photographer has captured the brilliant nickel plated top of this Art Deco building. As simple as it is, it creates an interesting mood and shows the building off in a unique and interesting way.

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