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Evening Train passing through Fort Langley BC
Evening Train passing through Fort Langley BC
cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo shared by Bruce Foster

Well it’s been a long time again since my last post. Too many beautiful pictures and not enough time! Actually I have lots of great pictures for you to look forward to so stay tuned.

I came across the above photo when I was looking up information about Fort Langley; a very picturesque historic community not far from where I live near beautiful Vancouver BC. This photo jumped out as soon as I saw it. It is not a complex photo, yet it has great atmosphere. The use of a telephoto lens has created an intriguing perspective, greatly exaggerating the size of the sun setting behind the train. Monochromatic colors add much to the overall artistic expression with the golden theme preserved in the glow of the tracks and adjacent sign along with the train lights; small orbs competing mightily with the huge setting sun.

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