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Volcanic Eruption on Eyjafjallajökull Iceland
Fire and Ice
cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo shared by fridgeirsson

This breathtaking sight is certainly not something you see every day. Iceland has some truly amazing scenery and is also known for its volcanic activity. This 100 square kilometre ice cap in Iceland called Eyjafjallajökull covers a volcano which, prior to this eruption, hadn’t erupted since 1823; a period of 177 years. You may well remember this 2010 eruption in the news as the resulting ash disrupted air travel over much of Europe. Anyway, enough with the background, this photo is brilliant and shows an incredible drama unfolding as nature pits one element against another; in this case fire on ice. Taken from just 10 kilometres away the photographer captured this photo at the perfect time of day to really bring out the contrasting elements of this dramatic event. There is just enough light to see the details and texture of the rugged terrain, yet it is still dark enough to show off the intensity of heat and fire from the volcanic eruption.

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