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Maple Trees with fall colours lining country road on a misty morning
Autumn Mist
cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by joiseyshowaa

Fall is just around the corner where I live. We are approaching 4 months straight of dry sunny weather, very unusual where I live and the nights are just starting to get really cool now. Of course, along with that comes the turning of the leaves. I love the contrast between the maples as some go a bright green while others turn a crimson red. This beautiful photo of a country road stretching off into the morning mist and lined with maples showing off their various autumn colours encouraged me to look forward to the coming displays of colour. Of course, many of you are probably well into the ‘colourful’ part of the season by now, depending on where you live. This photo is simple, but beautiful with nature doing the hard work, as is often the case. Hope you will tolerate some more autumn photos over the next month as I do get inspired by the seasons!

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