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Beautiful sunny autumn day
Luminous Leaves
cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by evening4u

With winter just around the corner (or already here for many of you) I couldn’t resist one more autumn scene. Where we live autumn has arrived slowly and on the occasional sunny day there are still many signs of summer mixed in with the autumn colours. Many flowers are still in bloom including roses and our hanging baskets still have some life left in them. Some trees are still surprisingly green while others are displaying vibrant fall colours and yet others are starting to get bare. This beautiful photo brings out many of those aspects with its blend of brilliant luminous fall colours combined with the still very green grass and shrubbery and other trees that are clinging to their last remaining leaves. Combining the foregoing with the gentle blue sky and dirt road this picturesque composition greets the viewer with a symphonic harmony of colour. Hope you enjoy it!

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