Paradise at Minter Gardens in Chilliwack BC
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It’s been a long time since I’ve added any pictures to this site for a couple of reasons. One, I have other websites that demand most of my time and two, since Google changed their image search format early in the year, site traffic from image searches on Google have dropped by about 70%. That is due to the fact that the new Google image search now makes large previews and fullsize versions of pictures from any site available without the searcher having to visit the hosting website at all. They even hotlink to the image using our bandwidth which we pay for. This shows the picture and makes it available to download without the context of the website that posted it and without any associated attribution or copyright information. While I share many beautiful photos from other talented photographers on this site, I only do so with the proper attribution and / or permissions. Google can show the same photos without doing this. Personally I think they have gone way too far with their new image search, and while many users like it (it is quick and convenient for them), in my opinion, it is still not right for any search engine to display any image larger than a small preview or thumbnail in the search results, after all, they are just a website too, and should have to abide the same principles of copyright and fair-use that all other websites are expected to abide by. Anyway that is my rant and I am sure the situation is unlikely to change anytime soon, if at all. Now finally on to the picture!

This beautiful scene was photographed by myself at Minter Gardens, a beautiful display garden located a little east of where we live in BCs beautiful Fraser Valley. These beautiful botanical display gardens were first opened by the Minter family in 1980. Situated at the foot of the towering Mount Cheam, these 32 acre gardens have evolved over the years with new features being added on an ongoing basis. Today the gardens have matured nicely and are indeed a pleasure to stroll through taking some great photographs as you do. They also have a restaurant and full wedding facilities on site as well. I don’t have a great camera, but everything came together for this beautiful scene; especially the backlighting. The trick was to get enough detail in the shaded foreground which was accomplished by using the flash and some minor editing afterwords.

Now for the really bad news and the reason behind the title of this post. Due in economic reasons this incredible garden is in its final season with October 13th being the last day of operation. We bought seasons passes this year in order to be able to visit them several times before they finally close. It is a real shame to think that all this paradise really will be lost, but perhaps, just perhaps, someone will come to the rescue. At this point we can only hope.

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  • Dwaipayan Reang

    This is one of the most beautiful scene ever!

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