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With so many beautiful photos being uploaded to the internet, I thought it would be great fun to start a collection of photos that captivated me as soon as I saw them.  All images posted on this site are selected and or approved by myself, however I certainly welcome your feed back and comments and I encourage you to rate as many photos as you can.  I hope to add at least one new photograph every day, but some days may get missed and on others I many add several.

If you have one or more great pictures that you would like to have featured on this site please submit them using the Submit Picture Form. Please complete all sections of the form including a description of the photo and what you like about it. By submitting your photo(s) to this site you are giving me full permission to publish it(them) on this site (you still retain the full copyright to your work). I reserve the right to accept or reject any submission. I only consider photographs that are suitable for all ages.

All of the pictures on this site are licensed under  a creative commons license or a full copyright by the original photographer. If you wish to reuse any of these photos you must provide full attribution for  creative commons licensed photograph – preferably with a link back to the original source as I have on this site,  or,  in the case of copyrighted photographs, contact the photographer directly for permission.  Please do not request permission directly from us, as it is not ours to give.

If you believe a photograph belonging to you has been posted on this site against your permission or licensing please contact us with all relevant information and we will take immediate steps to remove it.

I sincerely hope you enjoy browsing the many beautiful photos on this site and hope you share them via your favourite social networks.


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